The Fitness Syndicate

"The explosive growth in fitness technology represents a unique opportunity for investors."


Invest in the Future of Fitness

Fully-vetted fitness technology startup investment opportunities.

Backed by Jonathan Miller, Fitrepreneur, Fitness Ventures, and Our Parnters.

With a proven track-record of success.

The Fitness Syndicate is an opportunity to invest in the future leaders of the fitness industry.

Syndicate Lead

Jonathan C. Miller

30+ years of startup experience, a leader in fitness technology, with a proven track-record of success.

The Fitness Syndicate is carefully curated and managed by Jonathan.


Years of


The leading product advisory focused on fitness technology.

Create Products Customers Love

Deliver Features When Customers Want

Turn Customers into Loyal Evangelists


Funding the Future of Fitness

Follow-On Capital

Fitness Ventures

Venture Capital Focused on Fitness Technology with a Track-Record of Success.

A Proven Track-Record of Success

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How It Works

Invest in the Future of Fitness with Confidence

Invest in startups that are fully vetted and provided with the proceses, resources to create products customers love, grow to become market leaders, and achieve exits / provide ROI to investors.

1. Due Dilligence

Companies are carefully vetted by Jonathan Miller and due diligence performed by Jonathan and the teams at Fitrepreneur and Fitness Ventures.

2. Fitrepreneur

Companies engage Fitrepreneur to provide the process, resources, and network that have significantly contributed to the success of multiple fitness technology companies.

3. Invest

Members of The Fitness Syndicate invest in the future leaders of the fitness industry:
a. investors express interest in startups and conduct their own dd as a group
b. 10-15 investors form an LLC to invest $250-500k USD into each startup
c. money is escrowed until the LLC and investment amount is complete
d. investment is transfered to the startup

4. Execute

Jonathan Miller, Fitrepreneur, and our Partners work with The Fitness Syndicate startups to build companies that achieve product/market fit.

4. Fitness Ventures

Fitness Ventures, and it's investment partners, provide follow-on capital to enable startups to grow to become market leaders and achieve exits that provide ROI to investors.

What They Are Saying

Foundry's 28.9% ownership in Fitbit yeilded a $1.6B USD return on the day of the IPO

- Brad Feld

ClassPass and fitmob have reinvented the $78B fitness industry to bring unprecedented choice to consumers and new customers to local fitness businesses.

- Raj Kapoor

Endomondo had grown to +20 million loyal customers when it was acquired by Under Armour for $85M USD.

- Christian Birk

My Seed Stage investment in Peloton, it's $8.1B USD IPO value ($29 USD/share), and all-time-high to date of ~$160 has delivered an outstanding ROI.

- Jed Katz

Ready to Join the Fitness Syndicate?